Completed Projects

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Project Name and Location                                 Owner                                                   Architect/Engineer                                            Completion
​Osmond Pool                                                         City of Osmond, NE                                JEO Consulting Group                                        June 2020
New Swimming Pool                                                                                                              Wahoo, NE

Pierce Municipal Well                                            City of Pierce, NE                                   Gilmore & Associates                                          May 2019
Well & Well House                                                                                                                 Columbus, NE

Scribner WTF                                                        City of Scribner, NE                                 Miller & Associates                                              Aug 2018
New Water Treatment Plant                                                                                                   Kearney, NE

WSC Berry Hall Sprinklers                                    Wayne State College                              Advanced Engineering Services                          Aug 2018
WSC Connell Hall Windows                                                                                                  Lincoln, NE

Randolph WWTP                                                   City of Randolph, NE                               JEO Consulting Group                                        Nov 2018
Oxidation Ditch Repair                                                                                                            Norfolk, NE

Cone Park                                                              City of Sioux City                                      JEO Consulting Group                                         Jan 2018
Ice Rink / Splash Pad                                                                                                              Wahoo, NE

Elgin Swimming Pool                                              City of Elgin, NE                                       Burbach Aquatics                                                June 2017
New Community Pool                                                                                                              Platteville, WI

Ponca State Park Aquatic Center                           Nebraska Game & Parks                         JEO Consulting Group                                          Aug 2016
Ponca, NE                                                               State of Nebraska                                    Wahoo, NE

Wayne Aquatic Center                                            City Of Wayne                                          JEO Consulting Group                                          July 2016
New Pool & Filter House                                         Wayne, NE                                               Wahoo, NE

Logan Valley Cottages                                            Pender Economic Development              Tim Schaller Architect                                           Dec. 2015
​Tri-Plex & Duplex Housing

Albion Aquatic Center                                             City of Albion                                            Burbach Aquatics                                                  June 2014
New Pool, Bathhouse & Mech. Building                  Albion, NE                                               Platteville, WI

York Wasterwater Treatment                                    City of York                                              Kirkham Michael
Reomd. for existing Facility                                      York, NE                                                  Omaha, NE                                                           Oct. 2013

Shelby Water Treatment Facility                              Village of Shelby                                       Miller & Associates
Remod. of Water treatment Facility                          Shelby, NE                                               Kearney, NE                                                         April 2013   

Wimmers Renovation                                              Land O' Frost                                             None
Remodel for Wimmer's Meats                                  West Point, NE                                                                                                                      Jan. 2013  

Cubby's Renovation                                                Cubby's Stores                                          Ron Hanson Construction
Remodel for Cubby's                                               Pender, NE                                               Walnut, IA                                                              Dec. 2012​          

Arlington Pool                                                         Village of Arlington                                     JEO Consulting Group
Remod. of Existing Pool & Added Splashpad         Arlington, NE                                             Wahoo, NE                                                           July 2012

Alta Wastewater Treatment Facility                         City of Alta                                                 Kuel & Payer
Remodel of existing Facility                                     Alta, IA                                                      Storm Lake, IA                                                     Sept. 2012

Stromsburg Pool                                                     City of Stromsburg                                     Miller & Associates
New Municipal Pool                                                Stromsburg, NE                                         Kearney, NE                                                         June 2012

Genoa Pool                                                            Village of Genoa                                        JEO Consulting Group
New Municipal Pool                                               Genoa, NE                                                 Wahoo, NE                                                           June 2012

Hampton Aquatic Center                                        City of Hampton                                        Water's Edge Aquatic Design
                                                                               Hampton, IA                                              Lenexa, Kansas                                                    May 2011

Onawa Water Treatment                                        Onawa, IA                                                  Kirkham Michael
                                                                                                                                                 Omaha, NE                                                           Feb 2011

Fort Dodge Aquatic Center                                     City of Fort Dodge                                     Shive Hattery Architecture
                                                                                Fort Dodge, IA                                          Des Moines, IA                                                     July 2010

Norfolk East WTP                                                    City of Norfolk                                          Black & Veatch
Backwash Modifications                                          Norfolk, NE                                              Centennial, CO                                                   March 2010

Winner Aquatic Center                                            City of Winner                                          Helms & Associates
New Municipal Pool                                                 Winner, SD                                              Aberdeen, SD                                                        July 2009